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”Bissonnette, who published under the pen name “Mark Owen” in 2012, said this week that the intervening two years have been hellish, as the government and his former fellow SEALs express outrage at his disclosures.“I would go back overseas today and deal with fighting ISIS face-to-face rather than deal with the last two years again,” he said in a interview.Bissonnette, who submitted his second book to the Department of Defense for approval, remains under investigation.He maintains, however, that if secretaries of defense and generals are permitted to write memoirs, enlisted soldiers should be allowed to do so as well.Once in SEAL training, the exercises only get harder, testing trainees in three phases: physical, diving, land warfare.O’Neill told Howard about “hell week” which starts on Sunday afternoon and doesn’t end until the following Friday.Violators of our Ethos are neither Teammates in good standing, Teammates who represent Naval special Warfare.”“We do not abide willful or selfish disregard for our core values in return for public notoriety and financial gain,” the commanders wrote.“We will actively seek judicial consequence for members who willingly violate the law, and place our Teammates, our Families, and potential future operations at risk.”The elder O’Neill told the Daily Mail that he felt such criticisms of his son’s decision to speak publicly are unfounded: “What are you supposed to do when you come out of the military after such service—become a greeter at Walmart?

O’Neill chronicles his life as a SEAL and the various military operations he was a part of in his new book, “The Operator.” “This is the first book about some of these missions that’s been vetted by the Pentagon,” he told Howard.

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Fox News planned an exclusive interview with O’Neill, a highly unusual occurrence in a special-forces community known for discretion. His biography on the Web site of the agency that handles his bookings describes him as “one of the most highly-decorated combat veterans of our time.” “O’Neill was the man on the ground we have never heard of but know exists,” his description reads.

“At Naval Special Warfare’s core is the SEAL ethos,” Rear Admiral Brian Losey and Force Master Chief Michael Magaraci wrote.

“A critical tenant [sic] of our ethos is ‘I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions.’ Our ethos is a life-long commitment and obligation, both in and out of the Service.

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