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The first time, in New York, he would end up doing community service.

The second, back in London, he'd be sent to prison, ultimately serving four months behind bars.

, “World’s greatest athlete-turned-cover girl Caitlyn Jenner has the hots for fellow gender-bender Boy George!

” A so-called “source” claims to the supermarket tabloid, “Caitlyn’s nervous about dating, but she’s crushing on George.

And I don't remember seeing Mark Gatiss at all, unless he was in some effective ' League of Gentlemen' disguise.

A year after his release from prison, Boy George is enjoying a renaissance.

They will have an affair and the group will become the very successful Culture Club.

"Shame it took me so long to find out." To suggest that Boy George has had a rough time of it over the past half-decade is to understate matters somewhat.

But as he will himself readily admit, without a trace of self-pity, he has mostly brought it all on himself.

Four years later, however, hounded by the tabloid press amid stories of his drug addiction, an unhappy George turns to Jon for advice on his future.

The costumes and setting of this drama looked amazing and I could not fault the lead performances, but it was so SLOW.

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But its primary function these days is to camouflage what is actually a rather fresh vulnerability, for the man is no longer hiding behind quite so large a façade as he once was."Sober for two years and two months now," he beams, holding up a key fob from his 12-step programme meetings which reads, "Clean and serene for multiple years of recovery".

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