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Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range To bad mystic did you extract ALL the files to the same folder?

I also have just tested the real capitals entrenchment, but had a convert to txt problem that I worked around with the OLD convertdata_from 1.02, so I am going to recommend against downloading the mod updater untill I can re-write the conversion code to look in the programs lcation for the correct convertdata version.

belerphon, there ARE THREE links in the OP near the bottom for each of the download locations consisting of the site name with a link that opens a new tab/window and the actual text of the link to the page on each line, but I suggest waiting for the next version which will be larger but include the convertdatas from all the versions that I can support harpo which mod or mods were you trying to update, and I am in alpha testing for the next version of the mod updater that will include the convertdatas from sins 1.15,1.16 & 1.17 AND entrenchment 1.01,1.02 & 1.03, and would like to test against the mods that are most troublesome harpo Aktually i did not remove the Real capital ships mod i updated it.

at present it it can update mods in txt form from entrenchment 1.01 &1.02 to entrenchment 1.03 and sins 1.15-6 to 1.17, it works in a similar way to my map updater ie it first copies the files from the source folder( and it does copy ALL files and folders), it then reads in the entity file from the destination folder, re-names the entity to entold, checks to see if it needs the changes and makes the nessacary changes and saves the corrected entity.

I have already tested it with manshooters dynamic v0.9b and my own megastarbases mod (both in txt form and it copied and updated both in 33 seconds, but the more mods and the larger the mods and also if the mods ar binned the SLOWER the updating time.

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