Prestashop translations not updating

To do this, go to Localization menu Localization sub-menu in the admin panel.

On the page that opens there's a section Import a Localization Pack: From the options there select the country from the drop-down menu, choose the content that you want to import; make sure that the checkbox for Languages is marked. Presta Shop will automatically take care of the rest.

This means that not all the default text strings are translated.

In the translations section on the official Presta Shop site you can find the extent to which a language pack for a particular version is complete.

We'll show you: In this tutorial we've used as a basic example Presta Shop 1.6.

The screenshots are also from that Presta Shop version.

Presta Shop modules are open-source extensions to the Presta Shop e-commerce solution.

Everyone is welcome and even encouraged to contribute with their own improvements.

If you want to install one or more languages without importing any other content, or you want to update an installed language pack, you can do that with a specific tool in the admin panel with which you can automatically install and update languages.

In addition to this, in the admin panel there are options with which you can edit the translations of any of the installed languages, and you can also provide translations for those of the default phrases and options that are not translated.

Note that the language packs are for translating the default phrases and options that appear on the frontend and backend.

Although the design of the admin panel is different than that of Presta Shop 1.5, languages and translations are installed and managed in pretty much the same way in both versions.

If there are some differences we'll make notes about that in the tutorial.

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When you do this your Presta Shop will automatically download the language pack from the official site and it will unpack and put it in the translations folder on your Presta Shop hosting account.

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