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“If something gets stored online anywhere, no matter how private you think it is, it will get exposed at some point in the future,” Mr.

Clark said, adding that improving operational security — or protecting personal presentation, in real life and in the digital sphere — is key to keeping personal and potentially marriage-ruining details from being leaked.

A media representative for ALM deferred all questions Monday to a statement published earlier in the day in which the firm promised that “Any and all parties responsible for this act of cyber-terrorism will be held responsible.”The website for Ashley Madison was still online Monday evening, although hackers had yet to publish personal details as promised.

In May, another adult-oriented dating site, Adult Friend Finder, suffered a similar breach in which details of 3.9 million — including online aliases, email addresses and sexual preferences — were leaked to the Web.

I guess old habits die hard although I could never sleep with their husbands.” Ashley Madison rolls out new 'discreet photo' tool Some of the bots would misfire and accidentally chat with gay men, prompting an Avid developer to create the order “Stopped engaging gaymen,” according to Gizmodo’s probe into the sourcecode.

Sometimes the insiders are organizational vulnerabilities — adversarial force multipliers — who can operate relatively unfettered.

Malicious insiders are not only aware of an organization’s vulnerabilities; they also may have purposefully created the very vulnerabilities they intend to exploit,” Homeland Security warned.“If this turns out to be, in fact, an insider job,” said New York security researcher Hector Monsegur, “it really shines on reality that there’s very little security.“Yes, you can have a very secure infrastructure and, yes, you can have your entire database encrypted and hidden,” Mr. However, he said, any rogue systems administrator, data center operator or intern with administrative credentials could render all of those supposed safeguards to be entirely meaningless.“Remember, ‘the cloud’ is just someone else’s computer,” said British security researcher Zammis Clark.

Whereas 62 percent of organizations polled by Algo Sec in 2013 said that insider threats posed the greatest risk, that number surged to 73 percent last year.

With respect to organizations who outsourced their IT work, only 12 percent said they were “very confident” with the protection being offered, the latest poll found, with half of the respondents acknowledging being either “not confident” or “somewhat confident” in third parties.

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