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The game builds your ‘player personality’ via the decisions you make through a Myers – Briggs personality indicator, all created by neuroscientists and game developers with real dating science at their fingertips.

With over 90,000 lines of narrative, the product ensures that each player builds his/her own story and never sees the same conversation twice.

Even though outsourcing has its risks, the experience has been fantastic.

The team in India is led by two highly-experienced games veterans who manage a motivated and talented set of artists and developers,” says Salone.

The idea of Flirtual Reality came to Sebastian Coman about five years ago, when social games had just started becoming a rage.

While there was a flood of social games in the market, Sebastian noticed they were monotonous and repetitive.

Well, believe it or not, that’s exactly the idea behind Flirtual Reality, a gaming app by Truly Social.

And do you think it can lead to romance in real life?

Sebastian also noticed another trend at that point in time: there were many first time and non-traditional gamers, including several women entering the space, yet nobody was paying much attention to them.

“Looking at the existing traction, we know we have created a product that has appeal and our early users love it,” says Salone.

The team has now begun its next round of fundraising activity.

“Sebastian approached me at that time to see how I would feel about jumping into entrepreneurship and helping him build Truly Social.

Looking at the potential and the unique proposition, I was immediately on board,” says Salone.

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