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In December of 2015, Ross sued him for physical and emotional abuse, as well as exposing her to HIV.Ross’s suit was eventually referred to arbitration.In both suits, neither woman claimed to have contracted the virus, but rather sued for being exposed to it, which raises questions of accountability for one’s own sexual health.Advocates argue that everyone should be aware of the risk of HIV and other STIs when engaging in sexual activity with anyone, and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves.From this perspective, prosecuting those living with HIV for exposing others to the virus seems biased and unfair.And given Sheen’s tumultuous past, it is even easier for many to place blame and see his ex’s as victims.

In addition, Sheen’s undetectable viral load has given Stambler even more reassurance.

The insider also stated that Stambler comes from a good family and isn’t after the actor’s money.

With his long history of drug and alcohol abuse, numerous sexual partners, and often strange and rambling public statements, Charlie Sheen is no stranger to being at the center of controversy.

She claims that she asked him if he had any STIs, and he repeatedly assured her that he was “fine.” The plaintiff says that they initially used latex condoms during sex, but engaged in unprotected oral sex — and then on Oct.

26, 2015 they had unprotected (condomless) sex for the first time.

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