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Bit off topic but it always bugs me when you use the word "blog" when talking about a "blog post". Many of these were dares or "ill give you __ $ for this". Shower, Bed, Couch, ..normal wrong to masterbate when you watch Nancy Grace? lolhmmm...jackin off..funny cz i dnt think i've eva spoke to anyone about it before....Plus it's pretty disturbing when you write as if you've created a site devoted to the topic of people masturbating at the office : P "Do people masturbate at the office (a topic on which I have done a blog by the way)? I'd have to say the most weirdest place musta bin my cuzzin's room :| I know sick...Years ago when I lived in Virginia I was sitting in the library there and I noticed this guy was staring at me. When I was working at Mc Donald's I was off this day but when I came back to work this is what I was told: The store manager and owner did a head count that day and two were missing so they went down into the storage and they were doing the wild thing in front of the poster of Ronald Mc Donald you know the one that has the happy meals that is why Ronald Mc Donald has a big grin. is it normal to have a different thing turn u on differnt days...?Then he got up and I noticed that out of the corner of my eye he had his pants down masturbating and I stood up and laughed and insulted him right there. The other one there have been people caught in the cooler doing the wild thing. i mean like one day i'll be all about the big round bootys..its the breasts...latinas..brunnettes e.t.c....this would probably happen in the space of 2 weeks ...Some say I’m nuts, others say I’ve changed their life forever. I’d prefer brutally honest breakthrough to a “nice” rut any damn day of the week.One thing’s for certain: I’ll always give you the truth, whether you can handle it or not. If you’re the same way, then you've come to the right place.

No, one of the guys at the Bootcamp did not propose to a woman. It was nothing like the days of the plastic glasses. I have to say that 3D effects have come a LONG way since the days of the plastic dinosaur and the plastic glasses. In today’s blog I want to raise something about which I was thinking the other day that I thought was really interesting: Where do most people masturbate? Do people masturbate at the office (a topic on which I have done a blog by the way)? Have you ever been cheered on by thousands of people as you stroked or played with your clit?Interesting question David..I have a feeling there will be some places I will not want to go anymore after I read everyone's answers ;) For me...I have never done the "Madison Square Garden" approach to masturbation -- It is best for me either alone or just in front of my significant other.I started going to town on my nether region, while driving mind you, and came so very hard that it caused me to have a massive headache. I came across this thread while searching for advice about the topic. I would park my cycle alongside of the path and remove all my cloths and masturbate.Don't know what that was about, but despite the head injury, my organism in the car remains to be one of the most erotic experiences I've had on my own. Imagining that i would get caught by some passing by person would make me hornier.. in a tree I'm in my 30's now and I still masturbate at every opportunity that presents itself, at work, whilst out walking/cycling, babysitting, Boeing 737, on the train, driving, Harrods, beach (in Cambodia), and Chiang Mai zoo in Thailand - my girlfriend took pictures of me doing it there... The tanning booth is the hottest place to masterbate.

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